Contributions to Hong Kong

  • He or she must have held a CE or CEO, Chairman or MD position within his/her organisation, during which time he or she must have made a positive contribution to the further development of Hong Kong
  • Candidates must also have a strong track record in community service and remain as key drivers of corporate social responsibility in their respective organisations

    Financial Performance

  • He or she should have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to a Hong Kong registered organisation
  • For individuals linked to public companies, an improvement must be shown to the returns on shareholders’ funds, and to sales, given prevailing conditions. The standards of corporate disclosure will also be considered
  • For individuals linked to private companies, a contribution to the improvement on returns of capital invested must be shown
  • The contribution to a reduction of company losses by an individual will also be regarded as an achievement

    Managerial Skills

  • Possession of an innovative approach to business affairs 
  • Ability to manage business risks and to adapt to changing business environments
  • Contribution to the training and development of managerial skills
  • Establishment of a viable organisational structure
  • Respected by subordinates, setting an example for the organisation, and motivating the employees
  • Establishment and maintenance of harmonious relations within the company
  • Perseverance, tenacity and flair in working towards objectives